The Best Times and The Worst Times to Visit Disney World

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The Best Times and The Worst Times to Visit Disney World

Choosing when to visit Walt Disney World is never a straight forward answer, there's many factors to take into consideration. If you're not sure where to start or how to plan your holiday to Disney World then check out our Step by Step planning guide.

When it comes to which month would work best for you we've got a few things to consider like crowd levels, weather, seasonal events, park hours and many more. Of course it really depends on what time of year you and your travel companions are available to visit too. We will say this though, whichever month you pick you will still have the most magical time! 

Epcot Spaceship Earth View from Japan Showcase

Look at that view!

We always recommend to try and visit when the crowds are low or lower, however in more recent years there's not necessarily a low crowd season. Since travel restrictions have been eased around the world there is pent-up demand and people are travelling as and when they can making Disney World busier than usual in the normally "quieter" seasons.

TIP: Remember to always check the Park Reservation system before setting a date, as you don't want to book your holiday and find out you can't make any park reservations. You can currently book park reservations through to January 2024. 

With that being said let's get started and breakdown each month for you. 

A Brief Overview of Each Month

January -  From the second week of January you can expect the crowds to slow down after Christmas and New Years events. The weather can be mild, even a bit cold so make sure to bring layers if you get cold easily. Avoid the Marathon Weekend as this can bring great crowds, however if it's something you'd love to do then it's the perfect weekend to visit. You'll also see the start of Festival of the Arts at Epcot, which is a great festival for any Disney Art fans!

February - This has always been considered a low season, however over the past few years its been getting busier and busier. The weather can be really lovely, but also can be cold. You'll get to see Festival of the Arts at Epcot. Presidents Day week brings in large crowds, so we'd recommend going on the other weeks and avoid then. The last full week of February 2023 encompasses Mardi Gras and The Princess Half Marathon.

March - If you visit in March try to go the first few weeks, before the crowds come for Spring Break or Easter holidays in the last two weeks. March you'll have lovely weather, it'll still be cool but sunny this is when Flower & Garden Festival normally starts in Epcot too.  

April - This is normally when we have Easter holidays and Spring Break which brings in huge crowds from all over. However the weather is normally beautiful this time of year with barely any rainfall. Depending on when Easter falls, but usually the last two weeks of Easter see lower crowds compared to the beginning. 

May - The entire month of May is a great time to visit, it falls just after Spring Break, Easter and just before Summer school holidays. You'll get to see the beautiful Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot and you can expect the weather to be hot and will be humid too, however not like it is in the summer. 

June - The beginning of June is the best time to visit as some US school's start to break up for summer holidays in early to middle of June which means crowds grow. June can start to become very hot and humid too, and it's likely you'll see rain almost every day or every other. You'll also see Epcot Flower and Garden Festival too. 

July - You can see very large crowds starting to form in July as it's peak travel season. The weather can be very hot and humid too, so make sure you take rests in your day and keep hydrated! You're probably going to see rain or a thunderstorm daily in the afternoon or evening, but it does help cool it down even for a little while.

August - If you can visit at the end of August you'll see the crowds start to dwindle down. However it will be very hot and humid, lots of rain and thunderstorms. You'll also potentially see the start of the Halloween decorations and maybe even get to do Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom.

September - Historically September has always seen the lowest crowds, except Labor Day Weekend. If you can visit this month you'll be sure to see lower wait times and less crowds meaning you might find it that bit easier to book those hard Advanced Dining reservations. There's also Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on select nights at Magic Kingdom. Do keep in mind though that September is hurricane season and you'll be sure to see daily rain or thunderstorms in the afternoons. 

October - It's a great month to visit for it's seasonal events, you have Mickey's Not So Scary Party at Magic Kingdom and Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. The weather can be hot and humid with daily rain and the crowds can be busy especially if you are there at the end when school holidays are around Halloween. 

November - The middle of November you should expect to see moderate crowds and the weather will be cooler but still very pleasant, no longer humid and rainy. You'll be able to see Christmas decorations around all the parks and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party will be on select nights from November through December. The only time you want to avoid is Thanksgiving weekend when crowds gather again. 

December - After the rush of Thanksgiving weekend the first few weeks of December you'll see the crowds are moderate and the weather is pleasant. You also see all the Christmas decorations at the parks and hotels, the seasonal events would have started like Festival of the Holidays at Epcot and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on select nights at Magic Kingdom.


Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle 50th

Quiet moment at Cinderella's Castle

Best Times to Visit

After an overview of all the months we would put these in our best times to visit. 

  • Second week of January through to the middle of February
  • All of May
  • The second half of August
  • Most of September (avoiding Labor Day)
  • Middle of November (avoiding Thanksgiving)
  • First few weeks of December

If there's a special event or season being celebrated and you don't want to miss out, then that's always a great time to visit too!

Disney Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle Christmas Holiday Season

Main Street U.S.A during the Christmas Season

Worst Times to Visit

After an overview of all the months we would put these in our worst times to visit, however if these are the only times you can visit or maybe it's when you want to visit you'll still have a great time. 

  • Easter holidays 
  • End of June through to Middle of August
  • Thanksgiving Weekend in November
  • Christmas through to New Years Day

We hope this post has helped you figure out when is best for you to visit Walt Disney World, there's lots of things to take into account and if you want a more in depth look at special ticketed events, festivals and seasons happening check out our Walt Disney World Calendar Of Events for 2023.